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Info Personal ornaments and belt fittings dating to the early Roman Period found in the area of the Dollkeim-Kovrovo Culture completed — filed under: The aim is to prepare a PhD thesis concerning personal ornaments and belt fittings dating to the early Roman Period 1st—2nd cent.

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AD found in the area of the Dollkeim-Kovrovo Culture, i. Analysed finds are numerous, due to the existence of the ancient so-called Amber Route. Amber was a luxury good in the Roman Empire and rich and easy to explore deposits of amber were located on Samland.

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That is the reason why the Dollkeim-Kovrovo Culture exchanged it for other goods, e. Thanks to these trade and cultural connections, ornaments and belt singletrail zwiesel dating to the early Roman Period discovered in Samland are diverse.

Imperial Germany[ edit ] Beforein the area where the single state of Germany now exists, different kingdoms and principalities existed. After the unification of Germanyand the Founding of the Empirethere was still no common national holiday. The Sedantag was, however, celebrated every year on 2 September, recalling the decisive victory in the Franco-Prussian War on 2 September No decision was made.

The most common were: Most of the finds analyzed in the project have been not published yet. During the WWII this collection was torn apart and badly damaged. Unfortunately a lot of finds lost their dating culture in berlin inventory cards, so the place of their discovery is currently unknown.

dating culture in berlin

Fortunately, find spots can be determined through archival research. Archives analyzed in the project are scattered all over Europe.

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The most important are located in: Working with all those files is very important, because information found in each of them is complementary. His archive consists of several hundred papers with detailed descriptions of finds and their quite precise drawings Fig. Thanks to the information collected by Jankuhn nowadays it is easy to determine places where finds which lost their original inventory cards were originally discovered Fig.

dating culture in berlin

Dating culture in berlin main aim of the project is to elaborate the chronological system of the early Roman Period of the Dollkeim-Kovrovo Culture, which could be used then to revise other chronological systems of the Baltic basin.

Moreover cultural connections between Samland and other territories will be described.

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Finally it will be discussed whether the Dollkeim-Kovrovo Culture was homogeneous or whether it was a collection of several different cultural units.

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